No, I'm not directing Agent Vinod - Imtiaz Ali


By IndiaFM

“I’ve been getting extremely positive reactions,” admitted an excited Imtiaz Ali, director of Shahid-Kareena starrer Jab We Met that has achieved a unique distinction of being liked both by the critics as well as the ticket buying public. “Whatever work of Art you put forward there’s always some or the other negative views. But up till now there’s no negative view for Jab We Met. I keep going back to cinema halls and people are reacting very excitedly,” Imtiaz said.

Prior to JWM, Shahid-Kareena pair had earned a lukewarm response at the Box Office. It was said that they lack chemistry. But they seem to have broken the jinx as the crackling camaraderie that the duo has shared in this lighthearted breezy romantic comedy which is being lapped up by the audiences hungry for good entertainment. Imtiaz shared a vignette of information that may make you chuckle in disbelief. Well, the dirty sleazy receptionist at ‘Decent’ Hotel in Ratlam who thinks Kareena is a call girl is actually the Art Director of the film. His name is Teddy Maurya. Hmmm….you have a new career option opened dude! Alright Imtiaz how about clarifying a few rumours doing the round. There were reports in a tabloid that you shall be directing a film for Saif’s home production while a trade magazine in its latest edition has stated that you are replacing Sriram Raghavan as the director of Agent Vinod (remember Raghavan had admitted not so long ago that he shall be directing Saif in his home production Agent Vinod). “No. I’m hearing it for the first time and Srirarm is a very good friend. It’s a small industry. I don’t know what I am going to do next. Talk is on with many people. Nothing has been decided. I haven’t signed anything. I want a break for the time being,” Imtiaz said.

Anurag Kashyap in his blog had written very good things about Jab We Met even before the release of the film and even in the IndiaFM Live chat when a user asked his choice between Saawariya and Om Shanti Om, he had said Jab We Met. “I had seen No Smoking before the release as well. I had liked it. It’s a very unique film.” But Kashyap’s film received a lot of flak. “Yes he has got a lot of negative reactions which I am not happy about. He is a well meaning filmmaker. If you don’t like No Smoking, its fine but a lot of people are also launching a personal attack. And if Anurag also launches a personal attack that’s also wrong,” said Imtiaz thoughtfully.