No Holi for Hrithik Roshan!



Bollywood might be known for its famous Holi parties, but this year, Hrithik Roshan will refrain from joining in the the revelry. “He won’t be celebrating Holi as a mark of solidarity with those who are suffering from the acute water shortage in Maharashtra. Instead, he will only use only
a small amount of gulaal to apply a shagun tika as part of the traditional ritual,” says an insider close to him.

According to the source, Hrithik feels that even dry colours should be used sparingly. If used in excess, they require a lot of water to be washed off, thus defeating the purpose of water conservation.

The insider adds, “Like Hrithik, even the other members of the Roshan family will keep the celebrations low-key. They will take part in the morning puja and then spend some some quiet time together.”

Despite repeated attempts, Hrithik remained unavailable for a comment.

Hrithik takes five
Recently, Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan, among others, made the headlines for being the highest taxpayers in the country. Strangely, Hrithik Roshan’s name was conspicuous by its absence on all the lists that ranked actors by the amount of advanced tax they paid. We’ve now learned that Hrithik has paid over R7 crore as advance tax. That makes him the fifth highest taxpayer among the actors.