No friction with Priyanka Chopra, says KJo

By Hindustan Times

Today he turns 40, but Karan Johar’s big birthday bash has been making headlines even before he hit this new age bracket. Especially for Priyanka Chopra’s rumoured exclusion— after a much-publicised tweet — from the guest list. However, Karan isn’t amused with such talk.

“First of all, who said PC wasn’t invited? I never commented. She has always been on this (guest list). I have had a very warm and wonderful professional equation with Priyanka. She is very much on the list,” says the filmmaker, clarifying that PC got the invite “quite late”.

But didn’t he hit out at her on his Twitter page after her tabloid interview? “When you turn 40, the first sign of hitting that age bracket is gaining maturity and ironing out issues in your life. I have realised that it’s the only way to live l