No distributor for Shilpa Shetty’s movie


By Hindustan Times

Actor Shilpa Shetty’s The Desire: The Journey of A Woman, which has been ready since 2009, doesn’t have a distributor to take it to the cinema halls. Producer Sunanda Shetty can’t find takers for her daughter’s last project, despite great efforts to market the film.

The Indo-Chinese venture was left half done by its original producer. However, after Sunanda stepped in as a producer and completed the project, it bagged the Best Feature Award at The Geneva Film Festival last year.

“I’m looking for distributors. The film can’t have a theatrical release in India till I find one. I hope I find someone soon,” sighs Sunanda.

The Desire: The Journey Of A Woman revolves around a girl’s search for spiritualism through dance. Shilpa, who plays an Odissi dancer in the movie, has even posed as a bald monk in a portion of the film. Chinese actor Yu Xia also has a leading role, playing a painter. Anupam Kher and Jayaprada have pivotal roles too.

Sunanda, who was attending FICCI Frames 2012 now on in the city, admits she was there to interact with producers and distributors from across the world.

Without stating whether she’s finally found a distributor or not, she says, “It’s a wonderful platform for everyone. There are people here from all fraternities including the top-of-the-line names from various film industries. Needs meet needs here and I’m hoping to get what I’m looking for.”