No bottled water for Abhay!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, March 14 -- Safedi Lal is not done yet. Now he wants me to hear this tiddy-bitty on Abhay Deol, who's getting more and more environment and health conscious by the day. The latest is that during a research recently, the actor learnt that drinking water from the plastic bottles is unhealthy due to chemical reactions and things like that.

So? So the Deol dude has decided to stop drinking water when he's shooting, etc. Now before you wonder if he drinks when he's thirsty, let me tell you that he's found a perfect substitute in coconut water. So whenever he's thirsty, he orders his staff to quickly get him a naariyal, and he drinks the paani straight from it.

What an idea Deol paaji! Now, I just hope he has an apt substitute to quench his thirst when he goes on outdoors where naariyal paani is not available. Hai na?