No bikini for Kareena in Agent Vinod

By Hindustan Times

Actor-producer Saif Ali Khan has admitted that his second home production, Agent Vinod, which opens on March 23, is along the lines of some of the biggest Hollywood franchises, namely the Bourne series, The Adventures Of Tintin and James Bond.

The film’s first promo had a flash of bikini beauties sparking off speculations that actor Kareena Kapoor, who cut down to a size zero to flaunt a swimsuit in her first film with Saif, Tashan (2008), would once again sport a two-piece in her beau’s home production. But Agent Vinod’s leading lady denies this, categorically.

“Every second girl today is wearing a bikini, so there is no need for my character Simran to wear one too,” says Kareena. “She is not your usual Bond girl. Sure, she’s glamorous, but she looks hot and mysterious even when fully clothed in a pair of jeans and a shirt or