No 'accessory' roles for Amrita Puri


By Hindustan Times

Actor Amrita Puri has said that she doesn’t mind being a supporting actor, but is careful about staying away from movies in which she just gets to be an accessory.

“Bollywood continues to be a male-dominated, a hero-centric industry. That is the reason why I have been picky about my roles and prefer to keep gaps in between each film that I do. I don’t want to be just an accessory in films, so I must have an integral and meaty role in whatever I get,” says Amrita.

But then, was choosing Kai Po Che!, which is about three male friends, a hard choice for Amrita? “It wasn’t a hard choice at all! I was more than happy with it because Gattu (filmmaker Abhishek Kapoor) was on top of my list of the directors I wanted to work with, and then, the role is fantastic! I was in no dilemma about this one at all,” says the 29-year-old, who adds that supporting roles have a renewed importance in Bollywood. “There’s a lot more credit given to actors in supporting roles,” she says.