New youth anthem?


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Aug. 15 -- Most general entertainment channels prefer to run special capsules with song-dance acts featuring actors. Some even shoot a recording of the national anthem and run it on Independence Day.

But youth channel UTV Bindass has collaborated with rapper Tanmay to come up with an anthem called 'Kahey ka freedom...' that essentially talks about the mounting corruption and misuse of power in the country.

Shalini, head of programming, UTV Bindass, says, "It's an idea that the team collectively came up with. In the last year alone, we've had so many controversies, scams, uncalled-for price hikes and several other evils. So, it was important that we spread a word among young Indians - our biggest chunk of viewers - about freedom that will continue to be misused till they don't wake up and act against it."

The song's lyrics are in your face, blunt and fearless. Considering that the channel plans to air the music video for the whole week, wouldn't it invite attention from political parties that might create trouble?

"I don't think so," says Shalini, adding, "If they wake up with this alarm of ours, we'll believe our efforts have borne fruit. But I don't see why anyone should react negatively because we have talked about everything from road potholes to financial loopholes. Energies should be used to correct these, not to chase after channels that are bindass (carefree) like us."