NEW SONG: Preity Zinta frolicking in Ishkq in Paris


By Hindustan Times

She's high, she's happy and she's certainly happy-high. Preity Zinta's back again!

In the latest teaser from her upcoming film Ishkq In Paris, the actress proves 'Girls just wanna have fun'!

The disco beats and vibrant setting give the new song, It's All About Tonight, a catchy and colourful feel. But the USP of the song is the French lyrics interspersed with Sunidhi Chauhan's vocals.

And for someone, who's making her Bollywood comeback at 37, Preity Zinta merges in rather well! The short 'n' wet hair look is suiting the lady, no doubt.

However, we've got to admit 'the-young-girl-all-out-to-party-in-another-country' is a bit done-to-death. In fact, even the bubbly Preity Zinta declaring It's The Time To Disco is all too familiar.

The soundtrack has been composed by musical duo Sajid-Wajid and features Rhehan Malliek in it as well. The film is scheduled to release on October 5.