New soap brings capital's popular haunts to TV


New Delhi, Aug 25 (IANS) Karol Bagh, Delhi University, Bengali Market and India Gate - all these popular locations in the capital - will now be part of a new TV serial called "12/24, Karol Bagh", which is about conflict of values between parents and youngsters.

The show, to be launched on Zee TV Monday, is an effort by the channel to produce a series in real locations at Delhi rather than the conventional way of shooting in a Mumbai studio.

"This show has been shot in Delhi and by actors from Delhi. But the storyline is very universal and will appeal to a much larger audience. It is about how old and new sensibilities among people of different age groups co-exist nowadays and how parents are ready to understand the dilemma of their children," Sukesh Motwani, creative head of Zee TV, told reporters here.

"12/24, Karol Bagh" is about how a middle-class family of three sisters, a brother and their parents cope with everyday circumstances. While the eldest among the sisters has problems finding the right groom owing to her plump looks, the youngest retaliates at the slightest provocation.

The brother is also in a fix as his father wants him to join the family business, but he wants to go his own way and also marry a modern girl.

"Such instances and more are what the audience will get to see and will relate to through the show," said Motwani.

A lot of scenes have been shot in real locations considering the father in the serial is a cloth trader in Karol Bagh and one of the daughters is a student of Delhi University.

The sets of the show have been put up at a farmhouse in Chhatarpur here and parts of the initial episodes have already been shot in the busy streets of Karol Bagh.

Asked about the problems faced while shooting the episodes in Delhi, Sudhir Sharma, head of Sunshine Productions, told IANS: "A lot of technical things related to shooting are organised in Mumbai. But we got the right flavour of the show in Delhi. There were slight issues arranging technicians and all, but it's paid off well."

Though the cast doesn't boast of any big names, the USP of the show is that it has been entirely shot in Delhi, apart from the contrast it tries to portray between traditional values and modernism, according to Motwani.

"12/24" will air every Monday-Thursday at 10 p.m.