Neil will shoot, dad Nitin Mukesh will sing in the US!


By Subhash K. Jha, Bollywood Hungama News Network

Neil Nitin Mukesh and his Dad, singer Nitin Mukesh are preparing to leave together for the next three months in the US from August 2008.

"I'll be shooting the next Yashraj Film in New York. And Dad will be with me off and on. He'll also return to Mumbai for the Ganpati festival in August which is a big thing in our home. Otherwise, we'll both be in the US. I'll be shooting and he'll be doing his live concerts in various cities and joining me in New York whenever possible," reveals Neil. Neil in fact will make an effort to join Dad for his concerts whenever possible. "I always do that. I have been a part of my Dad's concerts from the time I was a kid. But this time it seems a little difficult because of my tight schedule. However I'll try my best." Neil even sings with Dad at the Nitin Mukesh concerts. "Yes. If I wasn't an actor I'd be a singer. I think I carry my notes rather well," Neil says modestly.

Not allowed to reveal anything about the Yash Raj film Neil says, "It just such an honor to be finally doing a film for what both Dad and I consider our home banner. Dad is close a friend of Yash Uncle. I served as an assistant on some Yash Raj projects and dreamt that one day I'll be acting in a Yash Raj film. Now it's finally happening," says the young actor who's currently wrapping up Freeze with Bipasha Basu. Sighs Neil, "Freeze is taking longer than we thought. It's an out and out action film. And every action sequence is an elaborate process and time-consuming."

Neil recently shot for six days with Kabeer for his film at Yash Raj Studios. "It was supposed to be the interiors of New York. I found myself being so comfortable with John and Katrina." John has in fact taken Neil under his wings. And when Bipasha was hesitant about accepting Freeze with Neil because of her professional seniority John convinced her it was the right thing to do. "God bless John," Neil's voice sparkles with mischief. But sorry, no girlfriend yet. "That's my next mission in life," he deadpans.