Neil and Sonal in Anaconda land


By Hindustan Times

For their forthcoming horror thriller 3G, Neil Nitin Mukesh and Sonal Chauhan have been in the dense forests of Fiji, by a small lake, for the last ten days. Producer Viki Rajani of Nextgen Films says, “It is the same location where Anaconda (1997) was shot. The crew will be stationed
there for another month.”

Actor Sonal, who shot the climax in the jungles for three nights along with Neil, says, “Shooting in the forests where the iconic film Anaconda was shot was an exhilarating, but spooky experience. It kept raining throughout our shoot.” Of course, the fact that their own film is a horror-thriller didn’t help either.

“People have been sharing horror stories on the set and psyching me about anacondas! In the midst of that, Neil and I had to shoot on a boat,” adds Sonal.

Even though no anacondas showed up, the bugs and mosquitoes in the forest peeved Sonal. She adds, however, that safety precautions were taken. “We didn’t know how deep the water was. All that we could see was pitch darkness and even hear hissing sounds. That was very scary,” says she.

About the film directed by debutants Shantanu and Sheershak, Viki adds, “3G is about how we have become dependent on technology and how it comes back to spook us. It’s a supernatural thriller. I can’t reveal anything else right now as we have just started shooting.”