Neha Dhupia talks about her workout regime, diet and reveals her fitness mantras!


By Chandni Dev Bollywood Hungama News Network

The celluloid world looks nothing less than a dream. A surreal fantasy adorned by beautiful heroes and heroines dressed in their best and looking fit 24/7. Ever wondered what their secret was? What keeps them fit? How do they manage their crazy schedule and a body to die for? What do they eat? Do they cheat in their diet as well? A life of glamour comes with its share of commitments. Chandni Dev of Bollywood Hungama in conversation with Neha Dhupia reveals a healthy life, Bollywood style.

Being one of the hottest ladies in Bollywood how would you describe your body?
My body is rather athletic, as I've always been heavily in sports and working out.

And what fruit would you say you resemble the most?
(Laughs) Not sure, but, I would have to state the obvious... A shiny pear!

Most people believe that Divas like you are born with such perfect bodies. Is it true?
I work out a lot and I am not blessed by nature at all. I guess that's also because I am obsessed with achieving a perfect body.

Have you ever gone through an out-of-shape period of sorts? When was it?
Yes I have, as I have a tendency to fluctuate, but nothing too severe. It's also because I am much more disciplined now.

Some celebrities tend to go on harsh diets to drastically lose weight, have you gone on any of those?
Yes I do diet sometimes when I feel I have gone overboard with indulgence food. For example, after a holiday season or even before a certain role. I do follow a diet which involves smaller portions of food divided over 5 to 6 meals over the day. This keeps my BMR up. It is something that is recommended to me by my dietician, Puja Makhija.

And what kind of workout routine do you follow?
I workout six times a week with my trainer Ahmed Yousif, who is brilliant at his job. We do a mixed programme which involves cardio and weight training.

What about alternative workout methods being followed these days like yoga, pilates etc?
I also do yoga with my trainer Vinayak, 2 to 3 times a week.

You're a well known sports enthusiast. Do you follow or play a sport as well?
Yes I do follow sports like cricket, tennis, soccer and squash. And I play squash and swim whenever I have time.

What kind of diet do you follow on an everyday basis?
My diet is usually home cooked food, or food that's not high on oil, spice or sweet. The calories are always counted!

What note do you begin your day on?
I start my day with a cup of tea, followed by a workout and then my work for the day follows.

What about outdoor shoots? How do you keep yourself fit there?
When I am outdoors, it's either the gym in the hotel or my sneakers and my I pod. With it, I go for long runs. That helps me explore the place and stay fit too.

Fans always aspire to look like their favoured celebrities. What piece of advice do you have for them?
I think that's a great thing; there is nothing wrong in wanting to get fitter by setting targets and standards for oneself.

What is the one essential fitness secret that you never miss for anything?
Everyone's fitness mantra should be to eat a little less than you can and workout a little more than you can.

Lastly, what are your favoured sports wear?
I wear brands like Lulu Lemon, Ascics, Nike and Lorna Jane.