Neetu talks sex!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, April 19 -- Mottu is not done yet. Now she wants me to listen about how Neetu Chandra is ranting on Facebook. Yeah, the social networking site where she's friends with the still-aspiring actress.

I'm told that Ms Chandra's latest status message is, "'Sex sells in India' often heard my director Mr Jug Mundra says so. I agree." While anyone else would have stopped at this, Neetuji goes on to add: "Sex sells - big time - globally. I worship the women who engage themselves in this business.. women, I salute you.. I appeal to fellow men folk who think alike, not to abuse the word. Sex is God, and for God's sake, let us not limit the potential of Hindi cinema to 'selling of Sex.' Cinema has come of age and I am privileged to be a part it."

Mottu is wondering what was Neetu drinking when she posted this on her profile, but I'm more curious to know if she has any movies to claim her being a part of Hindi cinema.

Such delusions of grandeur, I tell you.