Neetu the seductress!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, April 17 -- The TV show Emotional Atyachaar may have been running promos of an episode where actress Neetu Chandra 'seduces' a BPO employee, but speaking to HT City, Chandra says there was "no physical intimacy" between her and that guy. The channel has been circulating a press release detailing how Chandra gets "up, close and personal" with Rohan Rai, 28, who was in a steady relationship with his girlfriend, Jewelyn Cardozo, 21.

"I agreed to feature on the show only to promote my film Apartment. The guy, unaware of the hidden camera, kept praising me and saying he'd dump anyone for me. He was later confronted by his girlfriend. I guess it's kind of unfair because I'm a celebrity, but he should've known how to act in such a situation," says Chandra.