Neetu gets Bihari vote!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, Nov. 24 -- Neetu Chandra is ecstatic. Her Bhojpuri production Deswa has apparently found admiration from Bihar CM Nitish Kumar. Her brother, actordirector Nitin Chandra, organised a special screening for Kumar recently.

Neetu claims, "Nitishji was impressed by the film and recommended that people watch it. What motivated us was, that he said the film was successful in projecting a positive image of Bihar." The actor points out that many influential people like Dr Rajendra Prasad, Bismillah Khan, Bhikhari Thakur and Ram Dhari Singh Dinkar hail from Bihar.

"People are quick to judge Bihar negatively. But it's the same land that gave us Rajendra Prasad among others, and it's changing slowly but steadily. I wanted to project this image through my film," says Neetu, who was recently awarded the youth icon of Bihar award.

In the film, Neetu only appears in an item number, choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. She says, "I have put in all my finances in this film. I am almost broke."

So why this sudden interest in Bhojpuri cinema? "I am a proud Bihari and cannot forget my roots. I want this cinema to be as popular as the regional industry in the south. I hope to produce more Bihari films in the future, though I'll continue to act in Hindi films."