Neetu Chandra... Going, going, not gone!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, June 23 -- Mottu is back in minutes and is now prattling about how Neetu Chandra managed to catch the eye of a production house saat samundar paar. Seems IAG - Indian American Group - were mighty impressed with our desi girl and called her over to Los Angeles for a screen test.

And now for the kahani mein twist. Neetu was supposed to leave this week but in the downpour last week, her passport was damaged. How did she manage that? Was she dancing in the tub with the passport in her hand or what? Rub a dub dub, Neetu Chandra in a tub!

Ufff, this Mottu is soon going to turn me pagal, I'm already humming a loony tune. And her kahani isn't over yet. She's telling me that Neetu managed to get a new passport in two days. But then her visa interview was cancelled and the trip went for a toss.

Good riddance! Mots is still around and she's telling me that the production house is so keen on Neetu that they are willing to wait for her. Oh yeah, does it look like I care. But Mottu does. Such is life dearies!