Neetu approves of Ranbir's new girl!


By Hindustan Times

While Ranbir's ex flame Deepika Padukone and mom Neetu Singh, couldn't see eye to eye, it seems the latest girl in Ranbir's life has already got Neetu's green signal.

Neetu Singh was quite open about her dislike for the Padukone girl and openly talked about it. She even referred to her as "just another girlfriend in Ranbir’s life.”

She went on today, “Both of them are very young. It’s a long way to go before marriage. No one knows what future holds for them.”

Even dad Rishi Kapoor reportedly was not happy with Ranbir's choice.

But it seems Neetu Singh has finally found her perfect bahu. Though she did not reveal her name, she told her hairdresser that she approved of her son Ranbir Kapoor's new girl.

Is it Katrina or Nargis?