By Prachi Singh, News Network

‘Naya Roop Nayi Zindagi’- This ‘naya’ show is up on Sony Entertainment Television and is certainly one of its own kind. Away from the glare of stereotypical reality show and the rona dhona of the saas-bahu, this is one programme that deals with the real life medical cases of people.

The show focuses on all those people who have any kind of scars, marks or physical deformity on face/body and then it is upto the Naya Roop Nayi Zindagi’s crew to get these patients the best treatment possible from the best doctors in the best medical centres available in India .

Last Thursday was the first episode of this programme in which a girl called Richa Sharma from Ghaziabad was treated by a top notch Delhi plastic surgeon. She was completely cured of the innumerable spots on her face & hands with the help of laser surgery. All this time while she was being treated, the girl was kept away from her family in one of the most posh areas of Delhi . She was also made to join the Shiamak Davar dance classes which boosted her confidence & added wonders to her personality.

After a gap of few months, when she was given a full make over- right from the hair to the face to the clothing, etc, she was then presented to her family… and well, there it was- the happiness, the joy, the tears.. All emotions blended into one as the family met their new & changed daughter. John Abraham added to the star factor of the show when he made an appearance later to meet Richa.

Richa’s life has changed forever for the better and if you wanna witness more such lives changing then look out for Mona Singh a.k.a Jassi as she brings you Naya Roop Nayi Zindagi every Thursday at 8 pm on Sony Entertainment Television !!