Nawazuddin Siddiqui: 'I can also sing and dance'



Mumbai, June 23 -- Nawazuddin Siddiqui has established his talent as an actor in Bollywood. He has largely worked in offbeat films that have fared well. But now, he is yearning for stardom. He wants producers to be able to rely on him with big budget films. But, the actor clarifies that in the quest for that status, he won't compromise on the quality of the scripts he signs.

Known for his intense roles, the actor is open to foraying into films that can let him dance. "A good actor should always explore new genres. Apart from doing realistic and intense roles, I can also sing and dance. Portraying my talent as a dancer will be very satisfying for me," says Nawazuddin, adding, "People got a glimpse of my dancing skills in the song 'Emotional attyachar' from Anurag Kashyap's Dev.D (2009)."

Reiterating the importance of doing good films, Nawaz says, "I won't do any random film that I know will be hugely promoted. The script should satisfy me as an actor. Of course, like any other artiste, I also want to take a leap towards stardom, but it will happen only if more producers start backing good scripts."

Besides expressing his desire to work in commercial ventures, Nawaz also feels that producers should back offbeat films. "If producers support good scripts and make films on shoe-string budgets, keeping huge amounts for the promotions, I am sure more people will come and watch those films," he says.