Naseeruddin Shah: 'I became an actor to meet women'


By Hindustan Times

NEW DELHI, Jan. 16 -- Naseeruddin Shah is candid in admitting that he joined films because he wanted to be a superstar and meet great women. "Who doesn't?" he questions with a grin, adding that he was happy with all the trappings of stardom.

He says, "Wine, women and song. I don't think anyone becomes an actor to serve art. We do so because we are insecure little boys and girls who want to get a bit of attention."

Naseer quotes Hollywood actor Dustin Hoffman, saying, "He made an honest confession: 'I became an actor to meet girls, because no one would look at me." I believe him. Whatever happens to you along the way is a different story." Naseer, once infamous for his short temper, insists he's now become politically correct when critiquing colleagues, and has brought his anger under control. "It's a cry of agony really. And I realise this, having done it many times, as an actor and as a director in the theatre. It's completely destructive, and one indulges in it as an outlet," he says. He adds, "I don't do that anymore because I realised it is doing me a lot of harm. Since I started working with student actors, I realised it does them a lot of damage as well."