Narmada has worked hard: Govinda


By Hindustan Times

Most star parents, whose children have acting aspirations in Bollywood, guide them. But Govinda doesn’t work that way. The actor maintains that he’s not going to dictate terms for his daughter Narmada’s foray into movies.

Probe him on her debut, under the direction of Lovely Singh, and Govinda says, “She has worked very hard. Besides, it’s natural for me to want her to make a good debut. The film is yet to be officially announced, so it’s not right for me to talk.”

Taking the first step forward, Govinda ensured that Narmada didn’t get a lot of celebrity pampering during her upbringing. “She’s not treated like a star at home. I just want her stars to remain good, that’s all I can pray and hope for,” he jokes.

However, when talking about his own career, the actor is far more blunt. For now all his attention is on re-consolidating his position in Bollywood. “This has been my problem from the start. I wasn’t relieved till I became a star. Now, till I don’t establish myself again, I won’t be satisfied,” says the actor, who doesn’t have any apprehensions or reservations in demanding good roles.

GovindaHe attributes this confidence to his stint in politics. “Having asked for votes, I can’t feel shy asking for roles,” he smiles. “It’s better to work with good people and strengthen my position. My acts may be perceived as being selfish, but to some extent every actor is and has to be.”

Though Govinda was among the first few actors to venture into production, he’d rather continue working in front of the camera. “It wasn’t a good experience,” he shrugs, recalling brother Kirti Kumar foraying into production with Radha Ka Sangam (1992). “That resulted in debts. After I got out of that, everyone around thought we should become producers. They thought ‘Govinda is our in-house star. We’ll ask his help and then become his owners’. Back then, I couldn’t say no,” concedes the actor, asserting that he’s glad to have realised it.

Summing up the lessons learnt, Govinda stresses upon the importance of being objective. “If God is kind to you, you’ll think you’re right for others. But many can’t do anything good for you. It’s better you do it yourself,” he says, but is quick to add that he has no regrets. “I’ve no ill-feelings or frustrations either. I’ve corrected all my mistakes,” he says.