Nargis Fakhri denies dating Ness Wadia


By Hindustan Times

Not amused with reports that she is dating Ness Wadia, actor Nargis Fakhri says she met the industrialist for the first time ever at filmmaker Karan Johar’s birthday bash last week.

“There was a woman with me who was friends with Ness. While I was leaving Karan’s party, he was coming in. My friend who was walking me out met him and also introduced me. Just as I was kissing her goodbye, I kissed him formally. She was conveniently cropped from the pictures that were circulated in the media,” she says, reacting to the photo that got published in a tabloid, hinting that the two are seeing each other.

“What is going on … I don’t know what to say, how to clarify, so I have stopped reading the paper,” says an upset Nargis, who insists she is happy being single at the moment.

On being reminded that in the past one and half year of being in the film industry, she has been in news not as much for her work as for her alleged link-ups, starting from her debut co-star Ranbir Kapoor to Shahid Kapoor to Shayan Munshi, she says, “Keep going on … apparently there are more… supposedly.”

Nargis adds, “Apparently, I have moved in with people. I mean how many people can I move in with? When I have my own apartment, I pay my own rent, I spend so much money, why should I live in someone else’s home?... Whenever I meet someone new, they just click a picture and weave a story around it. So, I don’t really understand how that works. I really don’t want to get into this as it is mind-boggling,” she sighs.