Nandita to highlight gender inequalities!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, Oct. 21 -- Actor Nandita Das is on a mission - a mission to let the upper middle class realise the inequalities existing between the genders. As to how she is carrying out the mission, Nandita says she is writing, directing and also acting in a play titled - Between the Lines, which was showcased for the first time in Delhi on Friday.

"It is about the sublte gender inequalities that are present there in the upper middle class in the current Indian setup. Unfortunately, we are either too busy with other things that we don't really ponder on it," says Nandita. "There are issues like - after getting married, should wives work, or there is also the eternal question of how they will handle work after they become mothers. No on asks a man about how he will juggle between his professional and personal life," she adds.

The actor says that a lot of the play's story is inspired from her own life and she was only able to realise these details after she became a mother. The 42-year-old actor will be collaborating with husband Subodh Maskara, who will also feature in the play. Nandita does not rule out her involvement with the theatre in the future. "I am liking it already. So, if a chance comes up my way, or I do get something good to do in theatre, I will love to take it up."