Nandita Das and husband Subodh: Acting like a couple!


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Oct. 2 -- Nandita Das and husband Subodh Maskara have jointly started a production company with the intention of telling compelling stories through creative mediums like theatre, cinema and music. Their first venture, a play titled Between The Lines, will open at Mumbai's Tata Theatre this weekend, followed by three shows in November at the Prithvi Theatre. Besides having written and directed the play, Nandita is also part of the play which also features her husband Subodh.

"I didn't act in Firaaq (2008), my first film as a director, but since this subject is so close to my heart, I thought I could handle it. But I've had to focus a lot of attention on Subodh who's never acted, and also on other aspects. I hope I don't under-deliver," says Nandita. Prod her on the decision to launch her industrialist husband as an actor and she says, "The desire to produce and act was there in Subodh and if not me, who will support him? As a couple, the play gave us an opportunity to spend time together, know the bad with the good. The arguments were part of the journey."

Nandita admits there's a lot of her own relationship in the play, with some lines emerging from personal conversations. "In the last year, since we set up the company, I have been juggling with different roles - wife, mother, CFSI (Children's Film Society of India) chairperson, actor and writer, trying to find myself in all the chaos," she says. "It's not a man-versus-woman play, but raises the issue of gender inequality that one would think is restricted to the uneducated, economically deprived and the conservatives, but also exists within our progressive, upper middle-class in subtle, more deceptive forms which explains the title, Between The Lines."

And what's the story behind the company's name? Nandita laughs: "When I was pregnant, both Subodh, I was convinced that the baby was a daughter and started calling her Chhoti. Chhoti Production Company Pvt Ltd was registered before my son Vihaan was born and now I have a son and a daughter."