Nandana Sen gets hate mail for nudity


By Hindustan Times

Actress Nandana Sen on Wednesday said she received hate mail and faced objections from different quarters for a nude scene in the period drama Rang Rasiya where she plays the muse for 19th century painter Raja Ravi Varma.

Sen, who created an uproar four or five years ago after a portrait in which she posed as Goddess Laxmi was leaked while shooting a film, said, "I received hate mail for the scenes. There were objections from different quarters also."

"If a Kate Winslet does a nude scene, it's okay there. But if it happens in India we create an uproar. What's wrong in depicting nudity in a dignified way?" asked the actress who had done a backless scene in Tango Charlie (2005).

"There are two ways of depicting nudity. One is demeaning to a woman where you objectify her body, while the other one celebrates the power of women," she said while regretting that nudity was still a taboo in India.

"These incidents are similar to what happens with my character Sugandha in the film," said the actress who plays muse to painter Raja Ravi Varma in the biopic.

In the film Sugandha had to face ostracism from society for baring her body as a model for the artist.

Holding that there should be no shame attached to the human body, the film's director Ketan Mehta said, "Sensuality has been an integral part of the Indian culture."

"We are proud of the sculptures and paintings in Khajuraho and Konark. Liberating our minds is important."