Nana's injury stalls Mohit Ahlawat's comeback


By IndiaFM

Nana Patekar's foot injury is more serious than it seems. While dancing his foot hit a stone and cracked in several places. Apparently, the multiple fractures have precipitated nerve and ligament injuries that will take at least three months to heal.

The worst affected is Tigmanshu Dhulia whose cops-and-gangster thriller Shagird had just two more days of Nana's work ….No, make that the second-most affected. Mohit Ahlawat who's banking on the film to pull him out of the Factory-factor, suddenly finds his comeback vehicle delayed. But Mohit is unruffled. "I'm not bothered at all. It's just a matter of a couple of days' shooting. And Tigmanshu will find a way out. Since the small remaining portion of Nana Sir's work requires no strenuous action we'll probably ask him to shoot without having to walk."

For Mohit that long uphill walk from Ram Gopal Varma's Factory to an independent career options has been extremely revealing. "Yes it was tough. When I told Ramuji what I really thought of his Sholay and opted out, everyone thought I was being arrogant and ungrateful to the man who gave me my break. But when I had read the Sholay script it made no sense to me and I always speak fearlessly. Getting to work with Tigmanshu is the best thing to have happened to me."

Mohit plays a cop for the third time. "But this cop in Shagird is very different from the cop I've played in James and Shiva. There're no black and white characters in Tigmanshu's film. Everyone has a past, everyone is gray."

Working with Nana has been a hugely rewarding experience for the youngster. "I play his Shagird. And that's the way I felt about him. Working with him has been a learning experience. Even Anurag Kashyap… who'd think he's such a good actor? For a touch of the familiar I also have Zakir Husain as my co-star," Mohit grins reminding you of Zakir's neverending acting assignments at RGV's.

Mohit feels Shagird will put him back on the movie map. "I've already signed another film with Shemaroo. And there's a 6-movie deal in the pipeline. I wish I could tell you about it. But if I do I'd probably end up with no deal. I've realized I’m too trusting. Thank God for my wife Sai, who is the brain in our marriage. I do my work and go home to her and my daughter. "