Nana the saviour!


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

A major mob situation was triggered off last week during the shooting of Prakash Jha's Rajniti in Bhopal.

If it wasn't for the mass-friendly Nana Patekar's timely intervention, a part of the heavy crowd participating in a political rally scene would've gone out of control.

Says Prakash Jha, "It was a sequence where the ruling party was holding a rally to honour the Chief Minister, a group of activists led by Naseeruddin Shah had to descend on the rally to disrupt it."

A volatile sequence was being shot at the Kotra ground just outside Bhopal city where a massive stage had been erected to shoot the rally. When a part of the crowd went out of control, Prakash, known for his short temper while shooting, screamed at the crowds who apparently protested back in strong words and threatened to stop work.

It was Nana's intervention that saved the day. Says Nana, "I'm a bit upset with Prakash. What's the need to lose your temper? A creative artiste needs to preserve his energy for more valuable things. Unruly crowds are not a problem for me. I'm used to them. Prakash tends to scream at the crowds. But crowds are a congregation of faces. You just need to recognize those faces. Pyar do to sab waapas pyar dete hain."

Grins Prakash, "When I'm shooting I become a different person. Nana was a big help diffuse the tension. He keeps telling me not to scream. Crowd management isn't easy."