Nana, Anil may do series as 'Welcome' duo


By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai, Feb 7 (IANS) It looks like the Govinda-Salman Khan pair has competition. Even as David Dhawan plans to bring the "Partner" partnership alive again in a sequel, Anees Bazmi is busy scripting part two of "Welcome" in which he plans to cast Anil Kapoor and Nana Patekar together again.

"I'd love to take the 'Welcome' characters forward in a series. People love the characters. The box office figures say it all. The collections are Rs.1.32 billion so far. It's the biggest comedy hit ever. I'm now working on a sequel," Bazmi told IANS.

That's not all. Nana and Anil's gangster-duo of Uday and Majnubhai from "Welcome" may become a part of an ongoing series.

"Why not?" reasons an upbeat Anil as he revels in the success of "Welcome". "Not only is it the biggest success of 2007, it's also the biggest hit in the comic genre of all times. Roles of all kinds, not just comic, are rolling in. This film has started a new phase in my career," said Anil.

"Frankly, when I accepted 'Welcome', I didn't even read the script. I just said yes to Anees because I had worked with him in 'No Entry' and we share a certain comfort level. But now for the sequel we've to take the characters to another level. The idea that Anees has narrated to me is quite interesting," he added.

In fact, Anil is quite kicked by the idea of doing a whole series of films with he and Nana playing the two inseparable gangsters.

He said: "In 'Welcome', Nana and I are like two halves of one character. Yes, it would be interesting to take the pair ahead through a series. Nana and I go back a long way. And we do share very warm vibes."

Anil grins at the memory of doing the item song "Honth raseele" with Nana.

"It was quite crazy. Though we had a choreographer, the poor boy went crazy trying to control us. We just wouldn't listen to him. Our movements were all so improvised."

The "poor boy" choreographing the crazy song was none other than Ahmed Khan.

"Do you know he was one of the kids in 'Mr. India'? Coincidentally, I met Aftab Shivdasani who also played another kid in 'Mr. India' at a function recently. They've all grown up, but I certainly don't feel like I'm their senior. I'm as comfortable with Katrina Kaif as with Nana."