My son Salman


Author: Sapana Patil Poojary

Salim Khan defends his actor son's errant ways and insists he is being unfairly targeted

It's not new for actor Salman Khan to run into trouble. But his father film-writer Salim Khan says, "He is not being punished for the crime that he may have committed, but for his status. He is suffering because of his celebrity status. Salman is a star. Everything he does is scrutinised."

Innocent victim

"It is very unfair for that boy. I am sure Salman has not killed the black buck. In fact, a forest officer killed a full grown black buck at my farm house in front of all workers. But no one spoke about it," says Salim.

The other side

"Salman does a lot of charity which goes unnoticed. Our locality has been witness to several accidents. It is Salman who rushes them to the hospital, pays the money for deposit and even informs the victims' family members. But that is never reported," adds his father.

Wedding? Not yet

"You need two people for a marriage to happen. Even if he stands in front of a mirror he can't get married to his image. One can't be forced to get married. He is a grown up boy. He has had several relationships — it could have been a mutual decision why they did not come together. Or probably they grew apart. Growth can happen even if they are growing singularly," ends Salim.