"My next is an intense love story" - Manoj Tyagi


By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network

After gaining acclaim for writing hard hitting films like Page 3, Apaharan and Corporate and taking his own version of life-in-a-metro Mumbai Salsa to Cannes, Manoj Tyagi is now looking at shifting gears. His next film would be an intense love story which would be a complete departure from the work he has done so far and would instead be focusing on the issue of groundwater pollution.

A love story in the times of groundwater pollution? What sort of combination is he planning here?

Says the young filmmaker, "I am highlighting an unusual conflict here which hasn't been explored so far; well at least in Hindi cinema. Maybe Hollywood would have touched upon the subject of groundwater pollution but for the followers of Bollywood, it should be a unique experience in itself."

Please elaborate.

"This film which I should be getting on floors soon is basically an intense love story. Yes, there is conflict but it isn't one of those usual hero-heroine misunderstanding or the 'maa-baap' coming in between the 'pyaar' kind of a thing. Instead it is a clash of values which comes in", explains Tyagi, "These are two individuals, well established in their own right, who love each other but think differently when it comes to the matter of environment."

"They have everything that they want but certain situations crop up which result in them taking each other heads on. They are on two different sides of the spectrum and confrontation between the two is unavoidable", continues Tyagi who has raised social issues in most of his outings.

"This is why in spirit my film would be closer to the kind of work I have done in Page 3, Apaharan and Corporate", says Tyagi whose Mumbai Salsa was the victim of poor promotion and bad release. Jab We Met arriving on the same day was the final nail in the coffin.

Tyagi goes on to confess, "The box office failure of Mumbai Salsa made me realize that one shouldn't be hung up if you are confident of your project as moving a film by one or two Fridays on either sides doesn't harm. We were unrealistically confident about our product and as a result lost out to the euphoria of films like Jab We Met, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Om Shanti Om and Saawariya which released around the same time. I guess sometimes it is better to sit tight and revisit your decision rather than being stuck on to your original plans."