My name is Khan and the President is calling!


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Nov. 11 -- Salaam namastey my natkhat nuggets! Hope you've recovered from the festive frenzy by now and are back to the daily grind, just like moi. No thanks to all the mithai that I couldn't resist over the last week, I'll have to work extra hard on my kasratbaazi for the next coupla weeks. Anyway, before I digress anymore, let's get to all the garam gup that has been happening in glamour gaon.

For starters, Sher Lock Holmes is wondering at the irony of being an Idiot. Huh? He explains that for all the lambi-chaudi kahaani of My Name Is Khan taking a long long walk to meet the President of the United States... Shah Rukh Khan was nowhere to be seen when Barack Obama came visiting India. So what's the point, I thunder.

I'm told that Aamir Khan, on the contrary got a lot more bhaav from the Obamas... and that too without much ado. Sher lock bhai tells me that Michelle Obama confessed to being an ardent Aamir Khan fan... And went gush gush when she met the actor-filmmaker during their visit to the city.

Aur pata hai kya? I'm informed that at one event in a South Mumbai school, the US First Lady even did a little jig to the Rang De Basanti title track. And if that's not enough, the American President also chatted up with the perfectionist Khan over dinner and invited him over for a state visit.

Suna hai, Obama sir also told Khan could also connect with him if he wanted to shoot in the US... And he would ensure complete cooperation to the actor-filmmaker. Now, that's so much unlike SRK's experience when he was asked to step aside at the Newark airport for some questioning over his surname being Khan last year, shrugs Sher Lock bhai. Hmm, sochnewaali baat toh hai. No?