My mantra is to be overdressed: Karan Johar



Karan Johar is known as a fashion icon, having styled numerous actors and celebrities in movies and otherwise. We talk to him about his personal style quotient.

What is your personal style statement?
I love black suits, so I stick to them, though I plan to change that soon. This season you might see me in other colours. More than clothes, I have a shoe fetish and I collect footwear. I have more shoes in my wardrobe than clothes. (On the sets of Jhalak Dihhkla Jaa, Karan brought more than a dozen pairs with him). I don’t know the exact number, but I am embarrassed to own so many. There are enough pairs for my mother to grumble about.

KaranWhat is style according to you?
Style is when a person dresses according to his or her physique and personality. I see so many people following the diktats of fashion and looking awful. People should cover what is meant to be covered and accentuate what’s meant to be shown. But I see so many women wearing horrific gowns on red carpets. If you don’t have the body, then please wear a sari. Similarly, not every guy can wear a suit. It is an apt choice but only if it’s tailored right.

You are rarely seen in casual clothes. Why is that?
I love suits. I am happy to wear one even for a casual function, even in the heat. I love jackets, trousers, bow ties and formal shoes. I can come to work in a suit, but I would look mad sitting in my office like that. As for T-shirts, I don’t wear them. My mantra is to be overdressed.

Do you wear suits on someone’s advice?
I don’t listen to anyone when it comes to my wardrobe. Shiraz (Siddique, designer) works closely with me and we always keep working on what we can do differently with a black suit. I have tried so many things, changed the lapel, collar, shirt and other details.

What would you advice men who want to be fashionable?
I think men shouldn’t overdo it. There’s nothing better on a man than a black or white shirt with jeans and interesting shoes. I think hygiene is the most important part of fashion. Being neat, clean and impeccable is important. One needn’t wear designer labels as long as they’re neat.