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Author : Farhana Farook Date : 10/8/2007
Hema Malini, MP, Danseuse, Actor, Parliamentarian

Along unrealised dream of mine to launch a dance academy is nearing fruition. I feel my tapasya of 15 years will be soon rewarded. I have been asking the Government of Maharashtra for many years to provide me land for that. It seems my vision will soon see the daylight with their co-operation and assistance.

I am the cultural ambassador of the State and it gives me great pride to perform. But I do not have an institution of my own, which I can conduct in my own way. I find it difficult to rehearse.

Many a times, people tell me that they want their children to learn dance from me. But I don't know where to teach them. I feel awkward to say that I do not have a place. If I ever launch an academy, which I think will be very soon, it will be very beautiful. It will have a theatre and everything to do with dance, music and drama or any other art form. I wish to get funds and build it in a big way to benefit art lovers. I love my city and can see it developing in a big way. But while we have so many majestic skyscrapers we have no quarters for our domestic help. That's how slums develop around the buildings. I suggest that for every 10 skyscrapers built, there should be one space left for a quarter, which houses those who serve us. Again, though I am proud to be a Mumbaite, I lament the lack of greenery.

Our city has become a concrete jungle with no open spaces at all. By planting trees and preserving the ones we have, we can do our bit.

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