Musical Diwali for Priyanka!


By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Nov. 3 -- Priyanka Chopra has been pushing boundaries with her projects, be it her films or music album. And now we hear that after her debut international single, 'In my city', the singer-actor is ready to release an official video of the song.

A source close to the star says, "Priyanka has done a promotional video for National Football League (NFL) as the song made its debut in the US. And now, she's in Los Angeles to promote her official music video. She had to delay her trip by a day because of Superstorm Sandy. She will be back some time this month."

The video will be a worldwide launch and the actor has put in a lot of work to make sure it is a hit. The source adds, "The label (Universal Music Group) is excited about the worldwide launch. PC has been working on 'In my city' for the last month and she has been shooting for it across several cities. It will release after Diwali."

The song, which also features and has Red One as the producer, has been topping the charts since its release in India as well as aborad.

The source says, "PC's first single, within a few weeks of its launch, created ripples around the world. It was the homepage of iTunes. It even made its debut on the Billboard, making her the first Indian singer to be featured on the website." As Priyanka is currently promoting her single in LA, she was not available for a comment.