Music Review: Teree Sang


By Joginder Tuteja Bollywood Hungama News Network


Frankly there aren't many expectations that one carries from the music of Teree Sang. After all the film mainly stars relative newcomers while composer duo responsible for putting together the soundtrack in place are newcomers too. However, one can't ignore the fact that the man at the helm of affairs, Satish Kaushik, has made movies like Tere Naam, Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai and Karzzzz amongst others, each of which have boasted of chartbuster music.


Sachin and Jigar, two completely new names, are seen on the album cover of Teree Sang that has lyrics by Sameer. Yes, there are a couple of guest songs each by Anu Malik and Bappi Lahiri as well but it's the songs of Sachin-Jigar that stay on with you long after you have given it a hearing.

Opening song 'I will be there for you' is just the right beginning for a 'kidult love story' like Teree Sang which could well be the next bonfire song in the making. It is also refreshing to see singers like Clinton and Dominique Cerejo coming together for this lovely romantic-n-youthful number that talks about togetherness, friendship and love. One must also commend Sameer for coming up with lyrics that move away from the routine 'dil vil pyaar vyaar' mode and instead bring out emotions of teenagers who are just exploring love, a big part of which still stays on to be core friendship. A winner track to begin the album.

The song that follows, 'Morey Saiyan', is an absolute killer and Sachin and Jigar too would admit that they are two selfish young boys! Why? Because they reserve one of the best songs in the album for themselves and come behind the mike to croon 'Morey Saiyan' which is set as a rock track. Boasting of a great energy with a slight touch of Indian classical fused throughout its five minute duration, the song is instantly catchy and is the next in line to be a chartbuster. It's a surprise that the album doesn't feature the song's 'remix version'.

If 'Morey Saiyan' was a winner then watch out for 'Maula Mila De' which keeps the rock mood going strong. Sung by Suhail of Life In A...Metro fame, 'Maula' starts off slowly and gradually picks on speed before going full throttle. This time around, it's high passion that rules the proceedings as the song is aided by full on Western arrangements; something that makes 'Maula' too as a number that would have been grabbed by any other top notch film maker.

There is a 'thehrav' that is introduced in the album soon after with Jigar going slow with 'Rab Milya'. As soothing as it gets, this is one number that has a Satish Kaushik touch to it. If you have loved the songs of Tere Naam then there is no reason why you won't warm up to 'Rab Milya' instantly. A love song which has some beautiful melody by Sachin-Jigar, 'Rab Milya' instantly takes you to the hills and meadows where a major part of the film is set. So far, it's four out of four for the album which makes it an instant 'paisa vasool'!

The mood of the album changes with 'Miss Baabloo' that begins with a rap and moves on to the vocals of Bappi Lahiri who also composes the song. Written by Virag Mishra, it is the song that is expected to go along with the opening title roll of the film which shows a teenage boy trying to get a sneak peak of the girl from the neighbourhood girl. With a slight Punjabi flavour imparted through beats and arrangements, 'Miss Baabloo' should be a fun track to watch.

Anu Malik is heard for the first time in the album with his song 'Chal Mera Haath Pakad Le'. A song about the girl looking at love and support from her boyfriend, this Sameer written number carries a youthful appeal to it and has an Anu Malik stamp to it. With a peppy flavour to it, courtesy Anmol Malik's vocals, 'Chal Mera Haath Pakad Le' may not be the next hit in the making but doesn't harm the flow of the album. One still looks forward to what Sachin and Jigar have to offer in the rest of the album.

The composer duo does return with its fifth (and the final) song of the album with 'Leja Leja'. If 'Rab Milya' was considered to be THE romantic number in the album then 'Leja Leja' turns out to be good competition as well. The song is also special since it introduces new talent Jahnvi Shrimankar who brings with her a fresh feel to the proceedings. Boasting of ice chill vocals, she sings this melodious number with aplomb and makes her presence felt instantly. She is well supported by Master Salim and together they do wonders with this number that has a classical base to it and could easily be one of the most difficult compositions to have been created in the album.

Teree Sang is a voluminous album and that is demonstrated by the fact that there are still two more unique songs to go in it. Even without remixes, the album runs into nine songs and the one that follows next is 'Lal Quile Ke Peechey' which is homage to the city of Delhi. While Shaan and Anmol Malik come together for this dance number that takes listeners through a Delhi round of eateries, historical places and other areas of interest, 'Lal Quile...' also showcases Anu Malik's rap. A foot tapping number that should fit in well with the youthful mood of the film.

Last to arrive is Bappi Lahiri composed 'Tere Bin' which is the only sad number in the album and makes one feel if it could have been avoided! Though singers Raza Hassan and Sumedha do well as the voices of the song, but it's slow pace and sad mood proves to be a dampener of sorts.


However, after listening to the entire album, one just ends up exclaiming that 'Hopefully, this is not the best music of Sachin and Jigar!' That's because they have managed to make a fantastic impression in their very first outing! Their music is fresh, flows in perfectly well with the feel of the film and carries great potential to be popular amongst the youth in weeks to come.