Music review: Ready


By Hindustan Times

Salman Khan’s upcoming movie Ready has exactly the sort of music you’d expect from the superstar. Tracks have a larger than life feel, and will appeal to the masses instantly. But that also means that Pritam hasn’t broken new ground with this album.

Also, the soundtrack has a miserly number of original tracks – four – and another four by way of remixes. The first, and probably most touted song in the album, Character dheela… will definitely catch the public’s attention. It’s got plenty of zest and is perfectly suited for after-parties, when you’ve run out of dance numbers to play, and Bollywood numbers must suffice. Unfortunately, repeated rap bits are a downer and the song gets over as quickly as it starts.

Pritam clearly likes soft rock from the ’90s because he’s uses it often in his work. This is most evident in the Michael Learns To Rock-inspired Humko pyar hua… It’s a bit mushy and doesn’t offer anything you haven’t heard before. Dhinka chika… is a lively, well put together number. It’s got a street festival mood, with whistling and the same rudimentary percussion you’d hear at such an event. Mika Singh lends his voice for the track and sings it well. Accompanying singer Amrita Kak doesn’t fare as well though. Her voice is smooth and tuneful, but is too sophisticated for this song.

The last original track, Meri ada bhi… uses elements of popular song, Mera laung gawacha.. and is quite a peppy Punjabi track. It’s a rural-folk song with an elated mood. The very talented Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice easily holds its own in this album. Of the next four remixes, the only one worth listening to is Humko pya hua…. It makes a bearable and danceable remix out of the original.

Overall, this album has the type of Bollywood sound that’s been often repeated in different permutations and combinations. If you prefer the familiar, you’ll like this album.

Film: Ready
Music: Pritam
Lyrics: Assorted

What we like
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s singing in Meri ada bhi…

What we don’t like
Only four songs, album doesn’t break new ground.

Rating: **