Music Review: 'Mere dad ki Maruti'

By Hindustan Times

MUMBAI, Feb. 27 -- This album could be Bollywood's biggest musical tribute to the undying spirit of Punjab and Punjabis. 'Punjabiyaan di battery charge rendi hai' has become a rage (a regional telecom giant even offered R1.5 crore to use it as an ad jingle). It is an over-the-top celebratory, and even narcissistic, offering from two of the most popular Punjabis in the music circuit - Mika Singh and Honey Singh. But the trippy hook line is the only memorable bit in this run-of-themill R&B-bhangra track.

'Main senti hoon' is groovy but keeps harping on the chorus line 'Main senti tha, main senti hoon, main senti rahoonga'. Jaspreet Jasz and Shalmali Kholgade's vocals sound playful. With its wannabe raps and rustic Punjabi vocal hooks, 'Haay!' sounds very 2002. Two verses down, this house song begins to