Music Review: Baabarr


By Joginder Tuteja Bollywood Hungama News Network


One look at the title of the film and you know for sure that this can't be expected to be a musical. In fact it's a surprise that an album has actually been worked out for this film which revolves around a gangster called Babbarr. Nevertheless, with zero expectations, one plays on this Anand Raaj Anand created album.


Anand Raaj Anand brings himself behind the mike for the opening track 'Maula Yeh Bataa' which is an out and out sad number. Telling the story of the protagonist who has lost everything in life and doesn't see any hope, redemption or a better life ahead in days to come, thematically it is similar to 'Zindagi Ki Talaash Mein Hum Maut Ke Kitne Paas Aa Gaye' [Saathi]. This time around it's a prayer to God where Anand Raj Anand along with singer Rahul Sharma wonders if there would be some light at the end of the tunnel. An okay sounding track for the background which also appears in an 'unplugged' version.

To one's utter surprise, there is also a title song for the film. Sukhwinder Singh sings 'Baabarr' which is set in Anand Raaj Anand template of music composition. Describing the might of 'Baabarr', this too is the one for the background and expected to play on at any heroic (or villainy) act by Baabarr. Of course, one can't be expected to either sing along or play the song amidst a bunch of friends. Strictly situational and not the kind that contribute to the music sales.

Keeping music sales in mind though, there is 'Baje Raat Ke Barah' which is set in a 'Beedi Jaliale' mode from all ends. Whether it is lyrics, composition, rendition, setting, costumes or choreography, everything about it aims at being 'Beedi Jalaile'. As a standalone number, it is not a bad hear even though the lyrics do touch about being risqué. Sunidhi Chauhan, who is expected to oblige whenever a song set in this situation is to be composed, is the lady behind the mike and she doesn't do a bad job either.

There is a surprise though with the arrival of 'Pagal Manva' which has a semi-classical setting to it. A 'raaga' based solo by Raka Mukherji, this one brings in a quality aspect to the album. Of course 'Paagal Manva' is again not the kind of number that would make listeners rush to the nearest music store. However, the fact remains that from purity point of view, this one is the best that Anand Raaj Anand had to offer in Baabarr so far. The album concludes with 'Baabarr - Theme', which just like 'Maula Yeh Bataa' and 'Baabarr', adds on the background score.


Except for 'Baje Raat Ke Barah', there isn't anything in Baabarr that has a mass appeal to it. Even this track is restricted to smaller centers that may warm up to the song provided there is an impetus in it's promotion in days to come.


'Baje Raat Ke Barah', 'Pagal Manva'