Music Review: Aloo Chaat

By Joginder Tuteja, Bollywood Hungama News Network


One expects a decent soundtrack from Aloo Chaat mainly because the film's title conveys an impression of a young-n-spicy love story that has ample scope for music. Moreover, director Robby Grewal had ensured that his last film MP3 - Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar had some nice feel good music and hence one knows for sure that it won't be a step down with Aloo Chaat. Moreover, with youngsters like Aftab Shivdasani and Aamna Shariff being roped in for a film, there are expectations of a couple of hum able tunes at the least.

Well, the music of Aloo Chaat isn't in true terms hum able (due to most of the numbers being either situational or dance numbers) but it does ensure that there is no single dull moment in it's entire play. Music is pretty much an ensemble effort here with as many as four composers coming together - RDB, Xulfi, Vipin Mishra and Mehfuz Mahruf. RDB makes the best use of the platform provided and comes up with a killer title track 'Aloo Chaat' which should have come on air much before. A chartbuster material which is just the right ammunition for the disc hopping crowds, 'Aloo Chaat' is high on rhythm and makes an instant impression.

RDB gives an altogether different account of itself with 'Boliyaan' which is basically an amalgamation of many a Punjabi 'boliyan'. Instantly identifiable if you have stayed even a year in the North of India, 'Boliyaan' makes for an entertaining piece of music which is straight out of a Yash Raj film. The arrangements and orchestra are just perfect as well since they are authentic sans any adulteration.

Xulfi (of 'Call - The Band' from Pakistan) comes up with a winner of a tune in the form of 'Dhadke Jiya'. A soft number that has melody at its core, 'Dhadke Jiya' is the one for a long walk with your loved one on a moonlit night. The arrangements are kept at the minimal too as the singer is allowed to do his job. Moreover, even when the song comes in the 'remix version', it doesn't go overboard and keeps the entertainment quotient intact.

Another version of the title song 'Aloo Chaat' is composed by Vipin Mishra. A situational background track that is bound to play a multiple number times in the narrative of the film, this one has a certain innocent appeal to it that would appeal to children. A fun track that almost moves like a nursery jingle (and later also appears in a 'remix version'), 'Aloo Chaat' should keep the proceedings perked up in the film.

'Life Is A Sizzling Aloo Chaat' is yet another version of the title track and enhances upon the overall effect created by the album so far. There is a certain 70s feel to the music of this fun track which reminds one of many a compositions like these that were composed by Lakshmikant-Pyaarelal in their heydays. One would look forward to the way this Mehfuz Mahruf composed number is presented on screen.


Though one may not give much attention to the lyrics of a number which is decidedly a promotional item number, it's not really the case for the opening number 'Aloo Chaat'. RDB do good justice to the lyrics here as they bring in the elements of relationships and luck in the number without going overboard. On the other hand, their lyrics in 'Boliyaan' are such that you are hooked on (due to sheer familiarity factor) once you have heard them once. In fact this single track is worth the price of a CD for those who are expecting a marriage celebration at home. One just has to play this song once and rest is left to the ladies in the house to get on to the dance floors.

Xulfi does well in his role as a lyricist for 'Dhadke Jiya' and comes up with the words that are different from