The music of Cash worth the money


By Joginder Tuteja,


There was a time [around a decade or more back] when good music

was primarily associated with love stories or family dramas. Neither the

film makers made an extra effort nor 'aam junta' had major expectations

from listening to something that could qualify as a chartbuster from the

musical score of a hardcore action movie.

But not anymore!

Films like 'Mohra', 'Kaante', 'Musafir', 'Dhoom' franchise and last but

not the least, 'Dus', changed the trend as at least of couple of major foot

tapping tracks [read item numbers], became a basic requirement for an

action film to be promoted aggressively. Not just these tracks were used

for eye candy purpose, they were also used for promoting the action

sequences of the film while playing in the background of the razor sharp

promos. 'Mast Mast' [Mohra], 'Rama Re' [Kaante], 'Ishq Kabhi Kariyo

Naa' [Musafir], 'Dhoom Machale' [Dhoom], 'Dhoom Again' [Dhoom 2],

'Dus Bahane' and 'Deedar De' [Dus] are some of the examples that

immediately come to one's mind.

This is why the score of 'Cash' is expected to be special with

expectation being pretty high, if not sky high. Reasons are aplenty.

First and foremost the film belongs to action genre which gives it's

composer duo of Vishal and Shekhar ample opportunity to go wild in a

way only they can.

Secondly, the film has eye candy in the form of Shamita Shetty, Dia

Mirza and Esha Deol which means ready ammunition waiting to explode if

there are right ingredients in place to make them dance to the beats.

Thirdly, the film brings together Anubhav Sinha and Vishal-Shekhar

after 'Dus' (they did have a 'qawalli' in 'Tathastu' though). Nothing works

like a tried and tested combination!

Fourthly, on checking the credit details one realizes that Vishal Dadlani

is present throughout the album in the capacity of a singer. Well, he has

sung a song or two in his earlier albums too but an entire soundtrack is a

first! In fact except for a solo track by Panchhi Jalonvi, Vishal also writes

the remaining tracks.

So without waiting any further, one jumps into 'Cash' with the volume

being raised to the maximum possible.

It was not a bad choice after all to have pumped up the volume since

the opening track 'Cash' has just about everything that one expects from

Vishal Shekhar when they are in the mood to go unconventional and create

a new sound. An out and out western track with elements of rap-n-reggae

thrown in good measure for creating a rocking feel, 'Cash' is sung by both

Vishal and Shekhar. What impresses further is Sunidhi Chauhan who

modulates her voice once again and makes a smashing entry by taking the

song to a different level altogether.

An item song that is expected to play in the opening title rolls, 'Cash'

follows the theme of the movie as it talks about how 'cash' makes the life

go around. Another version of the song comes later with the sound of a

hovering helicopter in the background creating an action feel.

R.D. Burman would have been proud today on hearing 'Naa Puchho'

as it is a homage to the maestro's style of composing a melody. Vishal-

Shekhar keep the feel of the late 70s/early 80s intact but while doing so

they add on their own bit of the technology available in 21st century and

create a smashing impact out of 'Naa Puchho'. Hear the manner in which

fast forward technique is used (or has Vishal actually sung it that fast?) to

make the opening words of 'Naa Puccho' flow rapidly and you would

know what we mean!

While Vishal continues to have fun with innovation being the key

mantra, Sunidhi Chauhan follows the path of melody set for her. Be rest

assured that when the song will appear on the screen, it is bound to be a


The same cannot be said though for 'Zara Bachke' which is coming

together of hip-hop, rap, reggae and bhangra-pop! In short, a mix of just

about everything that makes for an item number. While lyrically there isn't

much that registers an impact (at least in the first couple of hearings), even

the rendition (mainly in Punjabi) is just about ok with the much required

punch missing in the proceedings. One doubts if the song would have a full

fledged appearance in the film since the song doesn't have much scope

outside the music video circuits.

There is an extended musical piece that comes at the beginning of

'Reham Kare' before Sunidhi Chauhan comes into the scene. The dark-n-

sensuous-haunting mood comes close to the style that was adopted in 'Aaj

Ki Raat' [Don] but the similarity just ends here. Overall 'Reham Kare'

written by Panchhi Jalonvi has the 80s style disco arrangements filling in the

space between the 'antaras' even as music continues to change its flavor

with regularity throughout it's 5 minutes duration. Meanwhile Vishal does

his trademark take as a back ground voice by mainly singing along in


Unlike the title song and 'Naa Puchho', 'Reham Kare' is not an instant

winner in the very first listening and also doesn't have long enough legs to

reach to the top. Nevertheless, glitzy choreography would ensure that the

tune does get it's due with the combination of style and rhythm ensuring

decent eyeballs.

On the other hand 'Naughty Naughty' is a song that makes you wonder

why is it not on the tube yet? Yet another track that takes it's inputs from

the R.D. Burman school of music, 'Naughty Naughty' is indeed naughty,

especially due to the way Anushka Manchanda goes about singing it. After

'Golmaal Golmaal', Vishal-Shekhar and Anushka come together yet again

and the magic is visible.

With mix of Hindi and English lyrics creating an ideal mood for some

naach-gaana-thumka, 'Naughty Naughty' is perhaps one of the rare dance

numbers that are western in arrangements and yet so rooted and earthy in

appeal. The backup male voice along with chorus only add on to make

'Naughty Naughty' a number that would be played long after the movie is

off the theaters. A winner!

Taking over from where 'Deedar De' [Dus] left, 'Mindblowing

Maahiya' can easily qualify as yet another dance hit for Shamita Shetty after

'Baras Jaa' [Fareb]. Sunidhi Chauhan is good as always and gets just the

right punch in place whenever the key words 'Mindblowing Mahiya' are

heard. The song may not boast of fast pace or elaborate musical

arrangements but it is an overall packaging, rythm and the tune's base in

Indian melody that makes 'Mindblowing Mahiya' a song that is bound to

set your feet tapping. The item song is out on the telly and if the initial

response is anything to go by, the number is expected to scale the charts in

just a few days to come.

The idea behind creating 'Cash' is simple i.e. to create 5-6 tunes that

keep the adrenalin flow intact as one takes a break from action sequences.

The score was required to match the high tech action and some

unbelievable stunts and from that perspective the synopsis was good

enough for Vishal and Shekhar to create tunes that would ensure that

coupled with good visuals, the soundtrack keeps you hooked on to the


You have seen the title song and 'Mindblowing Maahiya' to be aware

about 'Cash'. Now watch out for 'Naughty Naughty' and 'Naa Puchho' and

you would surely have your hands full.