Murder 3 poster copied from Jennifer's Body, True Blood?


By Hindustan Times

Inspiration comes in many forms, but for Bollywood inspiration comes more often than not from films across the seven seas. In the past, we have had many Bollywood films copying their first look posters from that of their Hollywood counterparts; we now have another one that joins the list.

The recently released first look poster of Vishesh Films' Murder 3 is startlingly similar to the poster of the horror comedy Jennifer's Body starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried.

The poster of the 2009 film Jennifer's Body which was directed by Karyn Kusama was in fact earlier copied by the American television series True Blood that featured a similar poster with a hint of fangs peeking from half opened lips.

Murder 3 directed by Vishesh Bhatt, stars Randeep Hooda, Aditi Rao Hydari and Mona Laizza. The poster again features a similar shot, only this time replacing the fangs with a thorny rose stalk.