'Munnabhai' director breaks his silence!


By Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama News Network

After months of maintaining a low profile, Rajkumar Hirani, the director of hits such as MUNNABHAI M.B.B.S. and LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI, has decided to set the record straight. “I was busy locking the script of my new film. Also, I didn't feel the need to issue clarifications or deny rumors that were appearing in the media wildly,” the soft-spoken Hirani breaks the silence.

Reportedly, he had changed 'camps' -- from being a Vidhu Vinod Chopra loyalist, he has moved on to SRK. Is he directing the film for SRK's Red Chillies? “That's the weirdest rumor I read sometime back. I cannot think of doing anything like that to Vidhu. I've always said and will always maintain, he [Vidhu] gives me all the freedom to make films. So why should I move on?” he reasons.

The news-report also stated that SRK would be heading the cast of the film. “It's Aamir Khan now. Yes, we were in talks with SRK at a point, but when the project didn't materialize, we approached Aamir for it. He finally signed on the dotted line a few days back, after we gave him a complete script narration. Right now, he's the only actor we have on board,” the talented director reveals.

What about Kajol? Reportedly, the makers had approached Kajol for the film, but it's Kareena now. True? “I haven't spoken to Kareena yet. Like I said, we've just finalized Aamir; the remaining cast will fall in place in the next few days. We hope to start filming in June, which means I need to have the cast in place in a few weeks from now,” he sets the record straight.

What's the film all about? “We have tentatively titled it IDIOT. Without wanting to divulge much at this stage, I'd like to say that it's a feel-good film. It's a satire on the education system. It's a comedy with a social message,” he states.

Where does it leave MUNNABHAI 3? Also, is he directing a film for Sanjay Dutt's production house? “Yes, Sanju did make an offer and I'd love to make a film for his production company. But he knows that I am starting IDIOT, after which we will start MUNNABHAI 3. Let's see,” he adds.