Mugdha Godse shines with Stuff


By Bollywood Hungama News Network

She is someone who just cannot be mistaken to be a human being, for she is an angel in it as God's gift to good guys! She is Mugdha Godse, who is on her way to become the Goddess of not just small things but also big, bigger, biggest things!

And one such big thing to have happened to the mankind is the current issue (which is ironically quite 'electrifying') of the super cool tech and gizmo mag 'Stuff'. We will be doing rank injustice if we started telling (read 'praising') about Mugdha's gizmo-ic looks that really acts as an eye-candy for everyone alike. For once, we are damn sure that, you will regret that why weren't you born as a laptop or any other gizmo, for the only reason, that after having a look at the gizmo's proximity to know the rest!

Anyways, keeping the best for the last, all that we would say is that do not let your life be incomplete without the current issue of Stuff! It's not everyday that you have a living Goddess like Mugdha God-se posing as human being!