MS Dhoni: On a sticky wicket!


By Hindustan Times

New Delhi, April 21 -- MS Dhoni may well leave it to his bat to do the talking. An embarrassing tongue slip by the Indian cricket captain is getting more hits online than his sixes. In a reference to his growing popularity in Chennai for whom he plays IPL, Dhoni said at a post match presentation ceremony, "During the first edition, whenever I would go out biking in Chennai at night... wherever I would stop in the red light areas, they used to always come up to me and speak to me in Tamil. They really love me here."

A week later, the video clip of the ceremony, titled 'Dhoni makes a fool of himself', has become one of the most watched clips on YouTube, with over 80,000 hits, and hundreds of people posting reactions and comments on the inadvertent faux pas.

On Facebook, too, hundreds of people have shared the link to the video. "Anticipating condom ads from Dhoni now," posts dtejas. "He's still a bachelor, he may go to red light areas, but why say in public," posted jitendra1788.

Earlier this week, a cookbook by Penguin, titled Pasta Bible, faced an embarrassing predicament when it misprinted that a dish required "freshly ground black people", instead of black pepper.

Last week, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest got people talking when he said to gay singer Adam Lambert, "My tongue is not nearly as talented as yours," read by most viewers as a sexual innuendo.