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Trapped Music Review

By Tulsi, News Network

A survival thriller starring Rajkummar Rao, this film was shot within less than a month! The plot revolves around a man who gets locked up in his own house, a high story apartment in Mumbai, for a week without food, water and electricity. The music album is crisp and impactful:

1. Dheemi
The album starts with a beautiful love song that has a major breezy, feel-good factor. Tejas Menon does all the good required with his voice, and the video is relatable and cute. From secretly spying on your office crush, to cab rides on marine drive and late night pav bhajis – we’ve done it all, haven’t we?

2. Hai Tu
Yet another romantic track, this one in the distinctive voice of Gowri Jayakumar. And how I love it! It’s surely one of the most different, soulful songs I have heard off late. And Gowri’s voice has an untamable character to it. Unfortunately, this really isn’t popular and will never be known or remembered.

3. Trapped Theme One
As the title suggests, this is the theme song of the film. It’s hauntingly cheerful, because it’s so contradicting to the emotions of being trapped, claustrophobia, or any kind of a thriller. In fact, the theme releases free, breezy emotions.

4. I Am Trapped
This instrumental track carries all the emotions that the previous one didn’t and is more suitable to the film’s plot. It’s intense and troubling, and a perfect way to close the album.

A short album of only 2 lyrical songs and 2 instrumental tracks, which are strictly dedicated to the plot. Surely makes one want to watch the movie!