Total Siyapaa
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Total Siyapaa: Across the border

Mumbai, Nov. 29 -- Neeraj Pandey, who is producing Total Siyapaa, starring Ali Zafar and Yami Gautam, in the lead roles, is hoping to release the film in Pakistan.     

A source close to the production house reveals that "the film is set in London and has a hilarious take on how a Pakistani-Punjabi boy (played by Ali) goes to meet the girl's Indian-Punjabi family, and the chaos that follows thereafter.

Therefore, Neeraj believes that the film will have quite a connect with the audience in Pakistan as well." Of course, Bollywood films and its film stars are tremendously popular there.    

The source adds that Ali, who is Pakistani, might help with the same. The source says, "The actor is working towards helping the makers release the film in Pakistan and facilitate the needful. This has been an immense aid to the makers. They are trying their best to have a release, especially considering the huge fan following that Ali has in Pakistan."    

When contacted, Neeraj confirms the news saying, "We are planning to release and promote the film in Pakistan."