Singham Returns
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Singham Returns Music Review

By Tulsi, News Network

Sequal of Singham (2011), this movie has raised a lot of excitement amongst its fans. The Ajay Devgan-starrer (along with Kareena Kapoor) released on Independence Day. The album is a short one with 4 songs, the very first one being the highlight of the film. Here it is!

1. Aata Majhi Satakli

A Marathi party remix fusion of the famous dialogue of the first Singham “aata Majhi satakli”, this song has got me convinced that Yo Yo Honey Singh has absolutely lost it.  We’ve got our Punjabi rapper rap in Marathi this time, while some annoying voice in the background screams “aata majhi satakli” for your ear drums to get damaged. Very annoying, but unfortunetly you’ll still be singing it and torturing people around you. The video has Ajay Devgan acting like himself, Kareena Kapoor doing some item disaster in her once more Chameli avatar in a corner, and a whole lot of kids.  Overall, love it or hate it, but you can’t avoid it.

2. Kuch Toh Hua Hai

Ankit Tiwari’s voice is what makes this romantic “let’s fall in love” song worth a listen. The lyrics are imaginative, and the song’s got a good feel to it. Yet, it’s not strong enough to keep your attention or to be remembered.  Also, it’s not pretty seeing Ajay Devgan getting romantic.

3. Sun Le Zara

A depressing song by Arijit Singh that’s slightly dramatic as usual. The number is well sung, has got good beats, great guitar strings. It’s quite lovely. Arijit really needs to explore a happy and positive side to his voice and singing career though!

4. Singham Returns – Theme

Obviously the theme song, and very lame (in fact, the song is actually tagged as “MBA Swag”). The song talks about the main character. The first movie’s title track was more addictive and well known, but according to me, this one is slightly better than that. The remix has Punjabi beats and is very annoying! Anjjan’s rapping is horrible, but the music does get better.

The album is just about okay, with one song overshadowing the rest of the songs, in a very negative way. If you ask me, I would want to forget the album almost instantly.