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Simran movie quick review..


Shahid, Aligarh or CityLights, there is a certain sensibility that Hansal Mehta’s films come embedded with. 
Simran, starring Kangana Ranaut, is not one of them. With this tale of an Indian immigrant in the US, Mehta is venturing into a happier territory where his direction is marked by a light touch. The question everyone seems to be asking is if the film will be a lightweight too?
Simran is the story of a Gujarati immigrant girl in the US, who wants to live life on her own terms. She can’t wait to leave her conservative family and enjoy that first taste of freedom. And then she finds out that she has a thing for baccarat. How that flirtation becomes a raging obsession, starting her on a life of crime, is by and large what Simran is all about.
But will Simran manage to be the sum of all its parts or will it start and end as a paean to Kangana Ranaut’s talent? Kangana has acted in a slew of films that could not rise beyond her performance and the audience sure wants more from her.
Simran begins well but is soon taken over by its chaos. There is drama, comedy, romance, an emotional story and coming of age tale, all rolled into one. You also get a dose of racism in the US. Marked by a sparkling performance by its lead, the film is definitely charming in parts.But can it, like its tagline says, break free and fly?
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