Satya 2
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Satya 2 is not a sequel: Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Varma says that his next directorial venture, Satya 2, has nothing do with his 1998 film, Satya. “It is neither a sequel nor does it have anything to do with the first Satya’s character. Everyday, thousands of people pour into Mumbai from all over. They become professionals, businessmen, artistes etc, and some of them become gangsters too. So, if Satya was one such guy who got off a train in 1998, this is another guy who gets off a train in 2013. It’s because of the thematic similarities that I named it Satya 2,” he says.

The film, produced by Dr Arun Kumar Sharma, releases on October 25. Varma, who has cast new actors in the film, including Marathi actor Puneet Singh in the lead, says, “I believe that in genre films if you cast new actors, they will look like real people and hence the characters will look more believable. I have followed this principle since the beginning of my career.”

Varma has an interesting story about how he met his female lead, Anaika Soti. “I saw her in a lift in a Lokhandwala building (in Mumbai) where I was going to visit a friend. She is a builder’s daughter and was doing some business management course. I found something striking about her girl-next-door innocent looks and offered her the lead role in Satya 2!” he said.